Have you ever tried a handmade donut?

Using a combination of locally-sourced and super fresh ingredients, we put time and care into each and every donut we make! Since they are handmade, no donut is like the other - they each have their own unique look!

Our donuts are truly hand-made. From mixing the ingredients, to rolling the dough, to cutting each donut -- we do each step by hand. No machines (aside from our fancy Hobart from the 1980's), no secrets: just one-of-a-kind, speciality donuts. 

We serve 24-hour-raised brioche yeasted donuts (both normal and filled), old-fashioned, vegan, cake, and cruller donuts at this time (insert yum-factor gasp here). 


brioche yeasted Donut

We use yeast as a leavener, resulting in a big donut that's light and airy. Brioche style means that our donuts contain more butter than sugar, which allows them to serve as a perfect neutral base for any of our toppings. These often have stretchy (rather than crumbly!) interiors and feel lighter in-hand. Jelly or cream-filled donuts tend to start from a yeast donut base. From start to finish, this dough is a 24 hour process! 



Our vegan "brioche" donut is made the same way as our signature brioche donuts, without the dairy! We incorporate coconut milk and apple sauce to replace eggs and milk. For those wondering, they do contain soy based ingredients.



Our crullers are made from a pate a choux based batter - they're light and eggy, and we guarantee you won't have trouble finishing one off. We offer two types each month, with one always being a honey cruller.



Flourless here means made without wheat ingredients - instead, we use Bob's Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour. We are not a certified gluten-free baking facility, which means we cannot call them gluten-free. There is always a risk of cross-contamination present, so please be advised.

Old-Fashioned Donut

These donuts are made from cake-like batter -- leavened not with yeast, but with baking powder or baking soda. The resulting texture is denser than a yeasted donut, and often a bit crustier - it's our own little twist! These pair perfectly with a coffee - hot or iced!



These types of donuts are a bit different than our old fashioned style - they're smaller, and more fluffy! They're made from a batter (think cake batter), and we make both vanilla cake and chocolate cake!



We make our fritters from a traditional yeasted style dough rather than our brioche dough. The dough is rolled out - often times with some type of ingredient rolled into the dough - chopped and combined to get that "chunky" texture. 


monkey bread

Monkey bread is a baked "muffin" style pastry that we offer each day. It's made from the small pieces of brioche dough that can't be rolled back into donuts, and is a delicious way to minimize food waste! Every day a different member of our team handles the production, which means every day the offering is different.