Have you ever tried a handmade donut?

Using a combination of locally-sourced and super fresh ingredients, we put time and care into each and every donut we make! Since they are handmade, no donut is like the other - they each have their own unique look!

Our donuts are truly hand-made. From mixing the ingredients, to rolling the dough, to cutting each donut -- we do each step by hand. No machines (aside from our fancy Hobart from the 1980's), no secrets: just one-of-a-kind, speciality donuts. 

We serve 24-hour-raised brioche yeasted donuts (both normal and filled), old-fashioned, vegan, cake, and cruller donuts at this time (insert yum-factor gasp here). 

brioche yeasted Donut

We use yeast as a leavener, resulting in a big donut that's light and airy. Brioche style means that our donuts contain more butter than sugar, which allows them to serve as a perfect neutral base for any of our toppings. These often have stretchy (rather than crumbly!) interiors and feel lighter in-hand. Jelly or cream-filled donuts tend to start from a yeast donut base. To top it off, we use our delectable 24-hour raised brioche dough. 

Pictured: Brioche-raised donut with rose glaze and pistachio meringues.






  • FLOURLESS DONUTS (please see our FAQ for details)

The pvd Old-Fashioned Donut

These donuts are made from cake-like batter -- leavened not with yeast, but with baking powder or baking soda. The resulting texture is denser than a yeasted donut, and often a bit crustier - it's our own little twist! Other subsections of this donut type are cider donuts or classic old-fashioned donuts. These pair perfectly with a coffee.

Pictured: Old fashioned donut, dipped in a peanut butter glaze and then dipped AGAIN in a warm ganache! Finished with toasted peanuts and shaved chocolate.