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  • All orders require 24 hours notice. We are unable to accept preorders for the same day because we must prepare everything the day before, and we cannot guarantee the availability of options throughout the day.
  • There is no minimum or maximum.
  • We are unable to accommodate pick up times before 8am or after 4pm.
  • Preorders may be picked up at the side counter, which means that if there is a line when you show up, you do not have to wait!
  • WEDDINGS: 4 - 6 weeks notice at minimum, depending upon the size of the order, though typically you would want to give us a larger lead time so that we can set up a proper tasting. PLEASE REVIEW OUR CALENDAR FOR AVAILABILITY.
  • When able to, we can accommodate delivery orders for very special occasions and events. We do not have a regular delivery driver on staff, so there will be a delivery fee based on distance. We have partnered with UberEats to offer on-demand delivery, but at the time of writing (Feb. 2018), their delivery radius is limited to parts of Providence, East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket.
  • Sorry, but at this time we do not offer shipping on our donuts. Please see our FAQ for details.
  • You may view our current menu here, and a description of the menu may be found here.
  • You may buy gift cards in store or online here.

We are no longer accepting pre-orders for the following dates:

friday, march 23rd


sunday, march 25th

We have reached PRE-ORDER capacity on these dates and apologize for any inconvenience.

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