You've got questions, we've got answers. We are proud of the fact that we're really transparent with our customers, so here are some of our most frequently asked questions!

How did you get started? We are a small, family-owned and operated business. There are no investors or restauraunt groups involved in PVDonuts, and the entire endeavor was funded out of pocket by owners Lori and Paul. They took a pretty big risk to try and bring something new and exciting to the table here in Providence, and are glad they did! When you come to PVDonuts, you are supporting a true local business, and we sincerely appreciate it.

Why did you move to your new location? Our first location was a shared space with our friends over at Sin Bakery on Allens Ave. They really helped us get out feet off the ground and get the business going, which we'll forever appreciate! With respect to Sin and the operation of their business, we were only able to make our product during a small window of time, which is why during our first few months in business we had super limited amounts of donuts. We moved to our new location so that we could serve our customers better, and have complete control over our product and production hours - we've also tripled production!

Where do I park? There is tons of free parking in the Fox Point and Wickenden neighborhoods, so you can park anywhere on the street! There are a ton of amazing places to visit on our street, too. We encourage you to visit some of the other amazing businesses that we're happy to call our neighbors.

Why did you transition to a monthly menu? We didn't really have much storage space at our first location. Again, with respect to Sin, they needed most of their space for their own stuff! This meant that we weren't able to keep a ton of stock on hand and were pretty much running out every 1 to 2 days for new ingredients. Now that we have our own place we're able to keep stock on hand and have regular deliveries. This allows our whole team to get together and think up new donut ideas! We've basically doubled our menu offerings, which we think is pretty darn awesome.

What does PVDonuts stand for? It's a letter play and it stands for Providence Donuts. We take pride in our little city and couldn't think of a better way to celebrate that!

Why do your donuts cost more than a "regular" donut? Our donuts are made fresh, by hand, every single morning - they aren't made in some huge offsite baking facility and delivered to our shop every morning. We don't have a sheeter - we hand roll every single donut. We don't have glazer - every donut is dipped and decorated by hand. Seriously, every single one. We use higher quality ingredients, and incorporate as many ingredients from other local businesses as we can every month. We don't have a single staff member that is paid minimum wage - everyone is paid a livable wage with paid vacation and sick time, because the quality of life and well-being of our team members is incredibly important to us. These primary factors, among many others, contribute to a higher cost.

What payment methods do you accept? Cash, credit (including AMEX), and debit. We do not accept checks or foreign currency.

Why don't you make more donuts after you sell out? We make everything fresh which requires us to start prepping for the next day 24 hours in advance. Everything is made from scratch, by hand - rolling, cutting, dipping, etc., with the only exception being mixing, we have a classic Hobart for that... we're not totally insane. Since moving into our new location, we've tripled our staff and upped up production from about 500 donuts a day to 2,000 donuts a day. 

Why aren't you open other days/more hours? We are working on it! This is our first year in business and we want to make sure that we scale accordingly and add staff when absolutely necessary, which we have been doing. As a small business with no funding, we want to make sure we make the right moves so we aren't doing harm to our business, and are creating jobs that last. 

Do you deliver? We can try our best accommodate deliveries for special events and occasions! We do not have a delivery driver on staff, so please give us 72 hours advanced notice at minimum. Please be advised that there will be a delivery fee. You may contact us here!

Do you ship? We're keeping our fingers crossed that someone will invent a donut transporter for same day deliveries, but until that day, we don't offer shipping on donuts. The main reason is that our donuts are made fresh every single morning, and we don't use any preservatives or fillers in our recipes, so we can't guarantee that they'd hold up overnight or how they'd be handled in transit. Plus, overnight shipping is really, really expensive.

What time does your day start? Depends - usually around 2am, but during the holidays we may head in around 12am.

Why brioche donuts? We were inspired by various donut shops around the world and wanted to bring something unique to the table that you couldn't get anywhere else. Brioche dough creates a beautiful, light, and fluffy donut that's made with more butter than sugar. This creates the perfectly neutral base for any toppings - it's just the right amount of sweetness!

What types of drinks do you offer? We have nitro cold brew coffee and chai on tap from The Nitro Cart, regular cold brew from The Coffee Guy, and hot coffee from Borealis Coffee Company. We also have milk from Wright's Dairy Farm, and iced teas from Granny Squibb! We don't do any specialty coffees (lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) because there are a ton of amazing shops in Providence that offer these types of drinks and we're not here to steal their thunder, we're here to make donuts!

Do you make gluten-free? We are actively working on a recipe. One of our bakers is celiac, so she's spearheading that effort. During the week of Christmas/Hanukkah 2016 we actually gave away limited batches of "gluten conscious" donuts for free to customers and asked them to provide us feedback. Please note that while all reasonable efforts are made to prepare them (clean instruments, tables, fresh frying oil, etc.) are are not a certified gluten free kitchen, and will be calling them "gluten conscious" as there's nothing we can do to prevent airborne allergens. 

Do your donuts contain nuts? Our base donuts do not contain any nuts, but often times we do use nuts in our toppings. Simply put, we are not a nut free facility

Who does your photography? Most of the professional photography that you seen on our website and sometimes our on Instagram is done by our friend Christopher Mongeau - he's amazing and you should check him out and work with him. The photo on our orders page was done by Michael Hendrickson.

Why is there a line sometimes? Our building capacity is about 30 people, and on an average day we get around 700 people that visit our shop. This means that if more than 30 people show up at once, there will be a line. Our menu changes monthly, which means that some folks may have questions when they get up to the counter. We're in the business of making donuts and providing exceptional service, so we'll happily answer any questions and will never rush anyone out the door. Some customers get to the counter and know what they want, some take a little bit longer - we're okay with this as we appreciate anyone who walks through the doors of our establishment.

There's an empty building next door, why don't you expand into that? Give us a million bucks and we'll make it happen. Seriously. As of July 2017, the building is for sale for $700k, and would require a complete gut and renovation to get it up to any sort of commercial standards. 

Why aren't all of your boxes pre-built the night before? Did you really think we haven't already thought of that? The simplest answer is space, and we don't have a lot of it. We have pretty much maximized every square inch of our kitchen and storage space, and this is even after we spent a hefty sum to do a bathroom remodel in which we cut the size of the bathroom in half in order to gain roughly 50 square feet. If you'd like, we're happy to take you on a "tour" of our kitchen, production, and storage areas (spoiler: it's all in the same space), where you can then make a recommendation as to where you'd like us to store the 500+ boxes we go through daily, but keep in mind, having space for our ingredients takes priority over having space for boxes.

Where else can I find your donuts? Saturday's at Coastal Roasters and Borealis Coffee. Sunday's at Stock Culinary Goods and Borealis Coffee.

Why don't you [insert suggestion here]? Chances are we've thought of it, but, please use our Contact Form and feel free to recommend something you don't see here - this FAQ is updated regularly, and customer inquiries definitely help with that. 

Why are you obsessed with Drake? The real question is, why not?